Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No More Excuses!

I was watching Fox & Friends and I saw a young man who had cerebral palsy. He did not let that hinder him in realizing one of his dreams, to play on the basketball team at his school. This young man is an excellent free throw shooter. I use the word excellent because of the root word, excel. He has developed enough discipline, dedication and a powerful mindset that allows him to make a very large percentage of his free throw attempts despite his "handicap". In order to get to the point where he is at in life, I imagine he has risen to a level of self expectation where he gives himself no room for excuses.
I have been inspired today by this young man and I'm committed to developing a life without any more excuses. No matter how difficult the task may be, with dedication, disciple and the proper mindset, I can develop excellence in whatever goal I set for myself.

This lesson comes just at the right time. This weekend I had every intention of making a lot of earrings for my web site. However events began to occur and I pushed back my earring designing goal for the weekend and I found myself using excuse after excuse for why I could not make time to make the earrings. Reflecting back on the weekend and the inspiration I received this morning, I realize nothing is accomplished with excuses. Excuses are goal extinguishers.

My new mindset is to know that life will always try to get in the way of accomplishing goals, that’s a given, but a person has the potential to be strong enough to overcome the daily obstacles by being committed to a dream. Through this commitment success will come.

Having said this, I have completed one of many earrings to come.

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SimplePleasuresbyMS said...

Good for you. I have the same trouble, always something else to do that gets in the way, LOL. Love the earrings. I have made several pair almost exactly like these and have them for sale on my main website. Mine have only 2 pearls and 1 rondelle in them. I just love to use the Swarovski pearls and rondelles they are just so great together aren't they!