Friday, February 29, 2008

Sparkling Baby Blues

Meet Frankie, the rare blue-eyed baby koala named after Sinatra

What a interesting and cute story. This is unusual, a koala born with blue eyes. He is adorable. The koala lives in Australia. I did a search on Google for animals born with blue eyes. There’s also a tiger and a wolf and more.
Frankie's story

Feeling inspired, I designed a pearl necklace named Sparkling Baby Blues.


Rare Earth Jewelry said...

Cool Blog Jenean! I love how you tie together your inspirational photographs with your jewelry pieces! That aurora borealis pieces is marvelous! Thanks for the add in Flickr. I've added you to my favorites in etsy so I'll know when you open up again. :)
Rare Earth Jewelry
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div said...

i really liked your necklace design . which pearls you used in it?

Nature's Corridor said...

So beautiful! I love your inspiration for the necklace.